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We create hedge fund portfolios structured to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns through the use of a wide range of strategies.


Investment philosophy

We invest in hedge funds that have demonstrated an ability to compound returns over time in excess of their respective benchmarks and peer groups and who have proven themselves over several market cycles. Hedge funds have a lifecycle and we invest in both established and newer funds depending on the underlying strategy and manager pedigree.


Hedge Fund selection

Our qualitative and quantitative analysis identifies and combines managers across strategies and sub-strategies in Europe, US, Asia and Japan. We have built up close working relationships over many years with the world’s leading hedge funds which gives Signia access to funds that may not otherwise be available to investors.


Due Diligence

We implement a rigorous process which focuses on hedge funds’ investment process, risk management, performance track record and investment team.


Traditional Asset Class Alternatives

Some of our clients use hedge funds as alternatives to traditional asset classes where appropriate.

As a Fixed Income alternative, we target:

– fixed income-like volatility with 8-10% annual performance

– limited correlation to the equity and fixed income markets

– limited drawdowns with low levels of market directionality


As an Equity alternative, we target:

– concentrated portfolios with diverse equity exposure across the major regions

– equity-like returns over a full market cycle

– significantly lower volatility than equity markets

– capital protection through the cycle with substantially lower drawdowns than equity markets