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We create and manage long-only investment portfolios within carefully constructed asset allocation guidelines.  We deliver investment performance by focusing on Strategic Asset Allocation as the primary source of return whilst protecting our clients’ wealth by controlling risk. We cater for both onshore and offshore clients, sourcing funds to suit differing client circumstances, investment preferences and tax considerations

Strategic Asset Allocation

Strategic Asset Allocation is the single most important consideration to ensure a client’s portfolio behaves as expected because it will drive both expected return and volatility. To build portfolios which aim to consistently act as the client expects and which meet specific requirements, we need to understand and control both risk and return.

Investment Philosophy

Signia has a deep understanding of each of our client’s personal requirements, whilst utilising the strength of our investment process to deliver real risk adjusted returns. The key drivers which shape our investment philosophy are:

– We focus on strategic asset allocation as the primary source of investment returns

– We use tactical asset allocation with caution

– We implement portfolios efficiently and believe in aligning fund managers’ interest with those of our clients’

– We take a conservative view on currency risk and hedge all foreign exchange risk to the portfolio reference currency in the first instance



True independence with regards to our investment management philosophy allows us to deliver a strategy specifically for each client. Our open architecture approach means that we can select the markets’ best available solutions to meet a client’s needs.

A committed and experienced team

Signia have an experienced and skilled investment team. Combined, the senior team has managed investments of over $40bn and has an average of over 15 years’ experience. We have taken great care to hire specialists across the major asset classes and have a particular focus on fund selection.

Bespoke solutions

We understand that each client’s circumstances are unique and we can tailor our investment solutions to meet their specific requirements. We place emphasis on tax efficient structuring and therefore have the flexibility to manage our clients’ assets in the most suitable jurisdiction, on the platform of their choice.

Strong partnerships

We have strong partnerships and trusting relationships with professional advisers, financial institutions and fund managers.  These all help us to provide the best outcome for our clients.