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At Signia we understand that our clients may wish to include leverage within their financial arrangements.  Our expertise covers the following areas:


Sourcing and Negotiation

Through our relationships with private banks and leading financial institutions around the world we negotiate competitive terms on behalf of clients for new facilities.  Clients benefit from:

– Our ability to negotiate market-leading financing terms

– Signia as the single point of contact to multiple balance sheets, across private banks, investment banks and commercial real estate lenders, providing a number of solutions for borrowing requirement

– Our access to an international network of lenders across every major asset class Signia source and negotiate finance for a wide-range of transactions including:

– Property (residential and commercial)

– Portfolio-backed

– Single-stock

– Cash-backed

– Niche asset-backed (e.g. art, marine, aircraft)

– Commercial and special situations (e.g. Hotel, Agriculture)