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Signia’s Robert Lee, Co-Head of Multi-Asset Investments, comments in Citywealth's 'insight into the year'

Robert Lee

Published 10/11/2020

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Signia’s Robert Lee, Co-Head of Multi-Asset Investments, comments in Citywealth's 'insight into the year'

Citywealth asks wealth managers to comment on their insight into the year

Robert Lee, Co-Head of Multi-Asset Investments responds...


Citywealth reports: The pandemic wallet

2020 was, as one private client advisor frankly said, "a crappy year", not only for public health but also for companies who had to reconfigure to cope with the dramatic change in economic decisions.  Citywealth's April French Furnell spoke to wealth managers for their insight into the year; the intensified 'search for yield', apetite for alternatives and thoughts on ESG during the corona-coaster.



Buckle your seats, its going to be a bumpy ride.  The challenging year for wealth managers and investors started to emerge around March but as Rob Lee, Co-Head of Multi-Asset Investments, at Signia Wealth explains, even in difficult times, with fear and panic everywhere, opportunities will present themselves.  "When markets fall out of bed, its about getting ahead of the situation to preserve wealth; only to get back into the market when the risks are deemed to have subsided," and subside they did.  For instance, "We saw an opportunity following the unprecedented levels of stimulus from global policy makers and the US, in particular.  We saw this before during the global financial crisis, and we flagged an opportunity to allow clients to participate in the market rally", he said.  Adding that, "both the quantum and pace of the equity market rally were a surprise".


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