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Signia associate director, Jie Zhang features in Investment Week

Jie Zhang

Published 28/11/2016

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Signia associate director, Jie Zhang features in Investment Week

Over the next decade, one of the most powerful investment themes is healthy living.  This themes has highlighted two significant trends: global ageing populations and changing consumer behaviour.

According to the OECD, more than 25% of the global population will be over 65-years-old by 2050, compared with just 15% today.  In the face of this ageing population and an increase in chronic diseases such as diabetes and obesity, healthcare costs are rising in both absolute terms and as a percentage of GDP.  Preventative care, biotech and medical advice manufactures, in particular early diagnosis equipment, are not the only beneficiary of challenges in an ageing population but are more importantly offering sustainable solutions to an ageing society.

Concurrently, growing awareness of the benefits of a healthy lifestyle are creating growth opportunities in areas such as food and diet supplements, personal care, sportswear and fitness.

We have gained exposure to this theme by investing in a few select consumer-oriented funds, which have a structural bias towards consumer staples, consumer discretionary and healthcare.  It is imperative to adopt a long-term mindset when exploring these multi-year sustainable thematic opportunities.

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